June 4, 2015

Whole 30 Part 4 and Results

I completed the Whole30 challenge on May 29th. That was my 30 day time frame. I am happy to say that my health is a bit better. I can breathe easier and I lost 8 pounds. I am so happy to have gone on this journey. It was difficult at times because there's always an event that I was supposed to attend. I conquered that by bringing my own food or snacks to eat when I get hungry.

The day after, day 31, I went to my son's sports banquet and there was a lot of delicious food. I was so tempted to eat the homemade mac 'n cheese, potato salads and other creamy rich foods but I didn't. In my mind I thought of how much work I had to do to get better that I didn't want to ruin it. I did have a small piece of cake and a couple of tiny brownie bites. The next day I went back on the Whole30 just like it says to do to see if any of the foods I ate the day before bothered me. It didn't so I was glad to just get back on the Whole30's way of eating.

Through out all this challenge, it makes it easier after I passed the 3 week point. Now I feel like I can control what I eat and how much of it I would like to consume. This program has been such a big help to me healthwise. I have been able to have the energy to head back to the gym this week and it feels awesome!

May 16, 2015

Whole 30 Part 3

Day 11 May 9: It's Saturday, the day before Mother's Day. I really need to try out some new recipes.  Plain old eggs, avocado and sweet potatoes are getting old. I woke up and had sweet potato again. I do feel like my energy level is up because I'm not as tired as I was before I started the challenge. Dinner is balsamic chicken, portobello mushrooms and vegetables. I also snuck in a snack, just a handful of jicama.
Day 12 May 10: Mother's Day I got up to breakfast in bed. The fritatta was made with mushrooms, spinach and onions and a side of sweet potatoes and avocado. It was pretty good and filling. I only snacked on jicama and cucumbers. Dinner was a yummy steak on the grill. I feel pretty good today.
Day 13 May 11: Today is also another good day. I am feeling like my body is healing and I hope I've lost some weight because my clothes feel like they fit better. I sautéed some carrots, cabbage and chicken for dinner. I just needed a change with food because at this point food is getting really boring. Maybe tomorrow I will try some soup.

May 8, 2015

Whole 30 Part 2

Day 5 May 3rd: Sunday with church we usually just grab something quick and head out the door. I packed an egg, cantaloupe and avocado to snack on. Usually we make breakfast for lunch but I had to skip the usual routine and made myself fish, vegetables and sweet potato to eat with my family. The craving for sweets is pretty much gone today. I had one small date roll while in church. The rest of the day I snacked on fruits and sautéed vegetables.

Day 6 May 4th: It was a busy day today. I grabbed an apple and an avocado as I head out the door this morning. Hubby cooked up some fish and broccoli for me to grab as I stopped by at home long enough to get him so we can go do one final errand before picking up our son. The rest of the night I had some melons and vegetables for a snack and a piece of date roll to satisfy my sweet tooth. Overall I am feeling good today. As I sit and type this up, I realized I didn't take my usual nap today. Could it be that I am getting more energy than normal? I guess I'll see what happens in the next few days.
NOTE: I had forgotten that I wasn't supposed to consume too much fruit or avoid it all together, so I will avoid them for the duration of this challenge.